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Water Softener Installation & Repairs in Louisville & Lexington

Don’t let hard water wreak havoc on your plumbing, appliances, and clothes. Hard water causes a number of problems, including: 

  • Mineral buildup: Hard water leaves behind calcium and magnesium deposits that harden and clog pipes, reduce water pressure, and shorten the lifespan of your appliances. Mineral buildups can force your water heater to work harder and use more energy to heat the same amount of water. 
  • Soap Scum: Hard water combines with soap that leaves residue on dishes, tiles, shower curtains, skin, and hair. 
  • Faded Clothes: Hard water creates more wear and tear on your clothes, making them look dingy and fade faster. 

Dauenhauer Plumbing can help you banish hard water problems with our water softener installation and repair services in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. 

Benefits of a Water Softener

Installing a water softener comes with a lot of benefits, including:

  • Soft, Luxurious Water
  • Cleaner Dishes and Glasses 
  • Longer Appliance Life
  • More Efficient Soap Use
  • Brighter Laundry

Dauenhauer’s Expert Water Softener Services

We’ve been serving homeowners and businesses for over 65 years. We are your local water and plumbing experts. Our certified plumbers provide the following water softener services in Louisville and Lexington:

  • Water Analysis Testing: We’ll test your water, determine the exact level of hardness, and recommend the right water softener for you. 
  • Expert Water Softener Installation: Our licensed plumbers will quickly and efficiently install your new water softener and ensure it works properly. 
  • Reliable Water Softener System Repairs: No matter the brand or model, our plumbers can diagnose and repair the problem. 
  • Water Softener Maintenance: We offer water softener maintenance plans to keep your water softener running smoothly for years to come. 

We offer both residential and commercial plumbing services in Louisville and Lexington, including water-softening system installation, repairs, and maintenance services. 

Why Choose Dauenhauer?

You can count on the professionals at Dauenhauer for:

  • Fast and Reliable Service: We offer prompt service to install or repair your water softener as soon as possible. We respect your time and show up to our appointments on time. 
  • Upfront Pricing: We’ll provide you with a clear quote before we begin any work. 
  • Experienced and Qualified Technicians: Our plumbers are licensed and insured. They have the expertise to handle any water softener installation or repair job and will treat your home with respect. 

Schedule a consultation with us today for more information about a water softener installation or repair in Louisville or Lexington! Let us help you enjoy the benefits of softer water in your home. We also offer flexible financing options so that installing a water softener fits within your budget with easy monthly payments. 

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