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Commercial Backflow Testing & Installation in Louisville & Lexington

Protecting the city’s potable water supply is crucial to city water management, which is why backflow prevention devices are often required by law for many commercial property buildings. Backflow prevention devices prevent water from flowing from your property back into the city’s potable drinking water. These devices keep toxins, debris, chemicals, and microorganisms in untreated or stagnant water from getting back into the city’s water.

Often, in commercial buildings, there is stagnant water that sits around for non-potable uses. This can be for fire sprinkler systems, lab equipment, washing water supplies, and more.

All businesses and commercial buildings should have a backflow prevention device installed, which should be inspected annually. If you don’t have a backflow prevention device installed or need it inspected and tested, contact Dauenhauer. We provide commercial backflow testing and installation in Lexington and Louisville.

Kentucky Backflow Requirements

It is required by the Kentucky State Plumbing Code that backflow preventers be installed in all commercial buildings. These devices protect the community water supply from contamination and pollution.

A certified backflow tester must complete backflow testing. Certifications are only issued to Master Plumbers. The results are reported to the municipal water company, MSD in Louisville, and Kentucky-American Water in Lexington.

Kentucky code states that a journeyman plumber can perform installations but must be followed by an inspection and certification by a Master Plumber.

Backflow Prevention Testing & Inspections

We all want to keep our water clean, safe, and drinkable. If you need to renew your backflow prevention certificate, Dauenhauer’s certified Master Plumbers will come and test your devices, and ensure they are functioning correctly and are 100 percent safe.

Commercial buildings that meet the specifications requiring backflow preventers can be fined if their backflow prevention certification is not current.

Professional Backflow Prevention Installations

Our professionals can install commercial backflow prevention devices in Lexington and Louisville. We’ll evaluate your system, determine the best option, and professionally install it with minimal downtime.

Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air offers scheduled or emergency backflow testing, repair, and installation services in Louisville and Lexington. Our plumbers are available in your area and are fully qualified to inspect, test, and repair all backflow assemblies and devices. Learn more about commercial preventative maintenance programs.

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