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Commercial Pipe Video Inspection Services in Lexington & Louisville

The plumbing world has borrowed from the surgical world’s technology and found a use for their fiber optic cameras. We use fiber optic cameras to crawl the insides of pipes to find out precisely what is causing the problem and where it is. 

What Is a Pipe Video Inspection?

During a pipe video inspection, we will use a fiber optic camera to examine the inside of your plumbing pipes. The camera is pushed along the pipeline so that the inside of the pipe is easily viewable. The video is seen on a live feed and recorded for later viewing.

Using this non-destructive method, we can inspect every inch of your plumbing pipes to see their material makeup and condition, as well as determine if there are any clogs, debris, or tree roots infiltrating the pipes themselves.

Video pipe inspections allow us to find dips or breaks in the line, which may cause clogs or backups. Using signals emitted by the camera rig, we can pinpoint where the damage is underground and if repairs are needed. 

Call Dauenhauer for expert commercial pipe video inspection services in Lexington and Louisville. 

When Is a Pipe Video Inspection Recommended?

Pipe video inspections are used for three reasons: finding damage, showing the damage has been resolved, and creating records evaluating the plumbing system (usually for buyers or sellers). 

Finding Damage

Plumbers have a lot of experience and can often guess what solution will fix a given set of symptoms. It may be a simple drain cleaning using a plumbing snake, or even water jetting to clean the pipes thoroughly. But sometimes, the problem is deeper, more complicated, or more extensive. 

Video pipe inspections allow plumbers to see what’s going on inside. The rugged, lighted inspection camera allows us to determine what the problem is and what the best solution will be. We can find out if the plumbing snake is simply not going far enough down the pipe or if thicker tree roots are blocking the hydro jet when it’s on the medium pressure setting. 

Pipe video inspection can often uncover problems such as:

  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes
  • Offset pipes due to frozen ground, settling, or shifting soil
  • Grease or foreign object blockages
  • Corrosion
  • Bellied pipes
  • Leaking joints
  • Root infiltration
  • Off-grade pipes

We’ll be able to find breaks, cracks, dips, corrosion damage, and other plumbing problems. Sometimes, a pipe inspection is necessary before hydro jetting if we feel that the plumbing system is old enough that using high-pressure water may damage the plumbing system. 

We’ll cut through any roots with a rotating root-cutting blade; alternatively, we have a chemical foam that will inhibit root growth. 

If damage or breaks in pipes are isolated to a specific location, we may excavate and repair those spots directly. We can also use trenchless pipe repair methods to repair a stretch of pipeline. Severe damage may require full excavation and replacement of the pipe altogether. 

Ensuring a Job Well Done

Video pipe inspections are also used to confirm that the job was done correctly. We can see our work’s result and how thoroughly a pipe was cleaned or repaired. We’ll check for potential problems and resolve them the same day to ensure your drains are working correctly. 

Plumbing Evaluation

A pipe video inspection is a good idea when you are looking to buy or sell a commercial or industrial property. As a buyer, you want to know precisely what you are getting into and the state of the underground plumbing system. 

As a seller, a recorded video of your plumbing system can engender goodwill and faith, and show that your property is as promised. We can put the recorded video on a thumb drive, and you can show it to any prospective buyers. 

Contact Dauenhauer for professional commercial and industrial plumbing video pipe inspections in Lexington and Louisville. 

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