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Water Filtration Services in Louisville & Lexington, Kentucky

We all agree that clean, healthy drinking water is important in the home, but it’s a project that’s often put off for far too long. Take action and schedule a water filtration consultation today!

Dauenhauer offers expert water filtration installation, repair, and maintenance services in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. We can help improve your water quality by installing a system that addresses your needs. 

Benefits of Clean Drinking Water

A water filtration system grants these great benefits:

  • Improved taste and odor
  • Reduced contaminants like chlorine and lead
  • Healthier for your family
  • Protects appliances from mineral buildup
  • Longer lifespan for plumbing fixtures

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are many different types of water filtration systems to choose from:

  • Whole-House Water Filtration System: These systems treat all the water entering your home. They are installed at your main water line, typically in your basement or crawl space, and they filter out a wide range of contaminants. With maintenance and filter changes, these systems can last for 15 to 25 years. 
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System: A very powerful water filtration method that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove a wide range of contaminants, including dissolved minerals, heavy metals, and newer contaminants like pharmaceuticals that pass through the city’s water treatment processes. This is ideal for homes with heavily contaminated water or homeowners who want the highest level of water filtration.
  • Under-Sink Water Filter System: These are installed directly under your kitchen sink and provide clean drinking water at the tap. This convenient option is more affordable than a whole-home system while still providing clean drinking water at the most important location. It will eliminate the need for bottled water and improve the taste and odor of drinking water. 

Dauenhauer Plumber’s Water Filtration Services

We offer the following water filtration services in Lexington & Louisville:

  • Home Water Analysis: We test your water quality to identify specific contaminants and recommend the most effective filtration system.
  • Expert System Selection: Our plumbers will guide you through choosing the right system for your needs and budget.
  • Water Filtration System Installation: We ensure your water filtration system is installed correctly for optimal performance.
  • Water Filtration System Maintenance: We offer ongoing maintenance plans to keep your system functioning efficiently.
  • Water Filtration System Repair: Depending on their condition, we can repair most brands and models of water filtration systems. 

Ready to invest in clean drinking water for your home? Schedule an appointment online for a water analysis and consultation, and count on Dauenhauer Plumbing for expert water filter system installation, repair, and maintenance services in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. We also offer flexible financing options to make budgeting for a water filtration system easier. 

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