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Commercial Leak Detection Services in Lexington & Louisville

Leaks can be difficult to notice, find, and pinpoint. Leaky fixtures and pipes can create severe water damage, which can be costly to repair if not handled quickly and competently. 

If you suspect a leak, don’t ignore it. It’s vital to fix leaks quickly. Dauenhauer has the experience and equipment to find and repair leaks quickly and efficiently. We’ll repair your leak with minimal damage to your property. Our staff of friendly, licensed plumbing technicians will handle your leak with minimal disruption to your regular business activity.

Contact Dauenhauer for expert leak detection services in Lexington and Louisville. Our emergency leak detection and repairs are available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Professional Water Leak Detection

Even minor leaks can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage if left unchecked. If your water bills have increased unexpectedly, it could be a leak. That is why it is important to monitor water bill fluctuations. 

Aside from the apparent cost of higher water bills, a leaky pipe can damage drywall, ceilings, cabinetry, and floors. The labor and materials to fix these can be compounded with potential business downtime as laborers are brought in to repair those spaces. 

Dauenhauer has the equipment and training to inspect your commercial plumbing system and determine if any leaks are present. Once we find where it is, we are prepared to repair your water leak on the spot.

Call Dauenhauer for expert water leak detection in Lexington and Louisville. 

Natural Gas Leak Detection & Repairs

If someone suspects a gas leak, it’s vital that the building is evacuated, the gas company is called to shut off the gas, and a professional plumber is called to find and fix the leak. Commercial and industrial building owners are responsible for the maintenance and care of gas service lines that run from the meter into the building. 

Gas leaks could be caused by poor installation, age, pressure, brittle piping, or simply accidental damage to the pipe. Our experts will find and repair the leak as quickly as possible so that you can get back to business. We’ll inspect every inch of the gas line to ensure it is working correctly and safely. 

Call Dauenhauer for expert natural gas leak detection and repairs in Lexington and Louisville. 

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