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Commercial Gas Line Repair & Replacement in Louisville & Lexington

Need a reliable contractor to install gas service lines in your commercial, industrial, or municipal building? You need a contractor you know will do the job right, as safety is a huge concern when working with gas lines. 

Dauenhauer’s team of licensed, experienced commercial plumbers can handle the job right. We have extensive training, testing, and experience to ensure our employees know exactly what they are doing and what the plumbing building codes require. 

Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air offers new gas line installation for commercial building projects in Lexington and Louisville. We can also provide hook-up services for any gas appliances in your facility. We offer strong warranties for our work, so you can be sure it will be done correctly.

Gas Line Repairs

Gas lines that run from your gas meter into your commercial or industrial building are your responsibility. The owner or developer is responsible for any problems with those gas lines. Many things could cause a gas leak or other problems with your gas line, such as poor installation, age degradation, pressure, or inadequately durable pipes.

If you suspect a leak, evacuate the building. Exit quickly and have the gas company shut off the gas remotely. Then, call Dauenhauer’s expert plumbing technicians for professional gas line repairs in Lexington and Louisville. 

How Do I Know If I Have a Gas Leak?

On its own, natural gas is both colorless and odorless. Gas companies add a strong-smelling sulfuric odor to gas supply lines to help residents identify gas leaks. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, you know you likely have a gas leak. 

If you smell rotten eggs, your safety and the safety of your tenants, customers, and employees are paramount. Immediately evacuate the building and notify your gas company. Once the leak has been confirmed and the gas service has been stopped, Dauenhauer’s expert technicians will quickly locate and repair the leak.

Call Dauenhauer for emergency services at any hour, and we’ll be on the scene in no time. 

New Gas Line Installation & Replacement Services

Call Dauenhauer for expert gas line installation in Lexington and Louisville. We can install gas lines in new buildings, old buildings, renovations, and more. Whether commercial, industrial, or municipal, Dauenhauer has the expertise and equipment to handle it. 

If you need to extend gas lines to another building or want to install a new gas oven or other equipment, we can lay new gas lines expertly and safely. We know all the residential, commercial, and industrial gas line building code requirements. 
Schedule an appointment online for a gas line installation quote in Louisville or Lexington.

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