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Air Purification

Air Purification Services in Louisville & Lexington

Inside the comfort of your home, you could be unknowingly exposing your loved ones to pollutants. Many people do not realize that the air inside their house is often filled with harmful contaminants, such as dust and mold. With the help of the best HVAC company in Lexington and Louisville, you can be proactive in keeping your air clean and healthy.

Dauenhauer Plumbing, Heating & Air offers a wide range of air purification services in Louisville and the surrounding area. From air duct cleaning to indoor air quality testing, we’re committed to helping you breathing better.

Call Dauenhauer for fast, reliable service.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Your indoor air quality (IAQ) directly impacts your health. The US Environmental Protection Agency found that poor IAQ can cause symptoms ranging from mild throat irritation to more severe issues such as respiratory disease.

Dauenhauer recommends Louisville air quality testing to have your IAQ assessed if you’ve experienced the following:

  • New allergies or an increase in symptoms
  • Living in an older home (these typically have less advanced ventilation systems and/or are more likely to have been built with hazardous materials)
  • Constant illness with no known cause
  • Moving into a new home and want a healthy start 

No matter the reason your home has poor IAQ, you want to get it addressed sooner rather than later. Dauenhauer provides air purification services Louisville and Lexington residents can trust.

Air Purifier Installation

If you’re ready to install or update your air purification system to improve your IAQ, Dauenhauer is here.

Air purifiers use very fine mesh to filter pollutants out of the air. Our technicians find the most effective systems actively exchange indoor and outdoor air, remove contaminants, temper humidity, and kill germs, such as bacteria and viruses.

By installing a new air purifier in your Louisville home, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Improved allergy symptoms
  • Improved air circulation
  • Decreased dust in the home
  • Mold and mildew prevention

One of our Louisville air purification experts is ready to help you find the right system to keep your family healthy.

Why Dauenhauer Plumbing, Heating & Air?

At Dauenhauer, we offer transparent pricing and speedy service with our team of HVAC experts in Louisville and Lexington. Contact us to get your family breathing better air today.

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