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Sump Pumps in Louisville & Lexington

Does your basement smell a bit moldy? Are you finishing a basement with a bathroom or other plumbing and need an ejector pump to push wastewater to an overhead sewer?

Sump pumps are important to keep your basement free of groundwater flooding. It pumps excess water out of the basement and, ideally, into a storm drain.

Sump pumps are available as either submersible or pedestal units. Ideally, they are hard-wired to your home’s electrical grid, and some may come with a battery backup in the event a storm knocks out your electricity. If a storm takes power from your home, rainwater may rise unopposed if your sump pump lacks a backup battery.

Dauenhauer installs, repairs, and maintains many quality brands of sump pumps and ejector pumps in the Louisville and Lexington markets.

Quality Sump Pump Installations & Replacements

The expert plumbers at Dauenhauer know how to properly install a sump pump for your basement or crawl space. We can find the lowest part of your building, where all the groundwater will accumulate before rising anywhere else.

We will dig a hole and insert a basin and submersible sump pump. We then run the pump line out to a storm drain or a part of your yard further away from the house. Pedestal sump pumps do not require being submerged in water.

We pride ourselves on doing exceptional work. We like to work only with reliable brands and models. There are many brands of sump pumps and ejectors available. We sell and service most major brands, including:

  • Wayne
  • Zoeller
  • Sumpro
  • Reliance
  • Basement Watchdog
  • Simer
  • StormPro
  • Hydromatic
  • Superior Pump
  • Little Giant
  • NexPump
  • Eco-Flo

Contact Dauenhauer for expert sump pump installation and replacement services in Louisville and Lexington.

Sump Pump Repairs

Does your sump pump just need maintenance and repairs? Sometimes, a sump pump just needs cleaning, maintenance, or replacement of rubber gaskets or seals, and it’s ready to get to work again.

We don’t like throwing out perfectly usable equipment. If we can fix your sump pump, that’s what we’d prefer to do.

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Repaired

Watch for these sump pump repair signs:

  • Strange noises: The only normal sound is a low, continuous hum.
  • Failure to Turn On: Double-check that the float switch isn’t stuck and there is water in the basin.
  • Pump Runs Continuously: Either your pump doesn’t have the capacity to handle all the water, or there is a faulty switch.
  • Constant Vibrating: The impeller, which draws water into the pump, can draw in debris and damage it.
  • Visible Rust: Your sump pump is designed to work with water, so you shouldn’t see rust. If you do, it could be caused by battery acid or bacteria. If left untreated, these can eventually damage or clog your pump.
  • Tripped Circuits: If your pump is tripping your circuit breakers, this indicates there is damage to the switch, wiring, or insufficient power in your circuit.

We can repair any brand or model of sump pump in Lexington and Louisville. Call Dauenhauer today to set up an appointment.

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