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HVAC Myths Debunked!

You’ve heard the ghost stories. You know the urban legends. Now it’s time to find out the truth. Yep, we’re talking about HVAC myths.


MYTH 1 – You only have to change your filter once per year

Absolutely not. A dirty filter will greatly reduce the amount of air traveling through your system. In fact, filters should be changed every two months, at a minimum.

MYTH 2 – The bigger the HVAC system, the better

Nope. Installing a system that has too much capacity will cause it to short cycle, turning on and off continually. This causes premature equipment failure. And that’s not good. And is also expensive.

MYTH 3 – Close vents in unused rooms to save energy

Once again, no. This will actually cause drastic increases in air pressure in the system. As a result, air leaks will eventually occur in the duct joints and seams sending air into the walls and floors of your home rather than through the intended registers.

MYTH 4 – Thermostat location isn’t important. 

Sorry, it is important. If your thermostat is placed too close to a supply air register, or in direct view of a window it may give off false readings. And false readings will cause your system to run when it doesn’t need to.

MYTH 5 – Running fans lowers the temperature of a room

This just isn’t true. Moving air around a room does not cool the air. The room will actually remain at the same temperature with or without the fan running. So, if you’re not actually in the room and leave it running all day – you’re just wasting energy.  

Want to debunk a few myths? We can help! Just call your local Louisville or Lexington Dauenhauer, any hour.

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