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What are the different types of sump pumps?

As a local Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky plumbing service, our plumbing technicians often start fielding a lot of questions about sump pumps this time of year.

Local residents who have problems with basement flooding often don’t understand how a sump pump works, whether a sump pump will address their particular basement flooding issue, and what kind of sump pump they should have installed.

There are three different kinds of sump pumps that are installed in basements or crawl spaces. A pedestal sump pump, also called an upright or column sump pump, has an open motor supported on a column attached to the pump casing. The motor sits above the basement floor, outside the sump, and is not designed for submersion in water. In contrast, a submersible sump pump, as you might imagine, has a watertight motor which is designed to start up when the water level rises high enough to engage the float. The motor in a submersible sump pump is completely hidden inside the sump. The last type is a water-powered sump pump. They usually have less power than either pedestal or submersible pumps. However, they run on city water pressure, rather than electrical power. They require a lot of water pressure to work correctly, so if your city water has low pressure or if you get water from a private well, you may not be able to use a water-powered sump pump.

Sump pump battery backup systems typically have 8 hours of life. This is useful when you have poor water pressure. You can also hook up the sump pump to a generator. Your basement may need multiple sump pumps if you live at the bottom of a hill or there is an underground spring beneath your house.

If you’re considering a sump pump to resolve your basement flooding issues, you’ll want to get expert advice on what type of pump is best from a qualified local plumbing service. Call Dauenhauer, at any hour. We’ll send a friendly, professional plumbing technician out right away to assess your situation and recommend the right sump pump for your home.

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