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Lexington, KY Plumbing

Looking for a plumber in Lexington, KY?

Lexington is known for horse farms and thoroughbred racetracks. It’s also known for cold winters and hot summers, that’s where we come in. At Dauenhauer, we are ready to be of service for any of your plumbing needs. Our customers trust us to be open and honest when it comes to what we discover and what we charge. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service that includes handling broken pipes, leaky faucets, water heating repair, and anything else related to your plumbing systems.

We’re available 24/7 in Lexington, so give us a call at (502) 805-6130.

Who Are We?

Plumbing experts. We here at Dauenhauer use the most up to date practices when it comes to plumbing services. We make sure we serve a wide range of areas so that any and every customer has a solution to their problem. We take pride in the quality of our services, and we know it shows when we arrive at your door.

Our team of plumbers is certified experts in all areas of plumbing. They receive the highest level of training for all technical aspects of plumbing. This training ensures that our team stays up to date on plumbing trends so that they can serve you to the best of their ability.

Every household plumbing appointment follows a helpful checklist that ensures they greet every customer with the same professional service. Our plumbing company takes great pride in our ongoing customer satisfaction training and take great care to leave your home as clean as we found it upon job completion.

What Plumbing Services Do We Provide?

Water Heaters. We can repair or replace your current water heater. We can even check to make sure it has the capacity to provide hot water for you and your family, cause no one wants to be the one who ends up with cold water.

There are many different types of brands of water heaters available, and we will help you determine the correct size and fuel source for your family’s home. Let us help you save money because having the wrong water heater can cost you significantly in the long run.

What are the signs your water heater needs repair/replacement?

  • Rust – When your water heater starts to produce rust on the inside, it usually cannot be fixed. You’ll notice this by seeing that your hot water is rust-colored, which is often evidence that the anode rod on the inside of the tank has decayed.
  • Age – We highly recommend not to wait for your water heater to break down until you replace it. If your unit is getting old, you can probably save money by upgrading since technology is continuously innovating.
  • Frequent repair – If your water heater is already at the point where it requires regular visits from us, you may want to think about replacing it to avoid future issues and possible damage.

Sewer Repair/ Installation. If you’re building a new home or renovating an older one, you can trust us to handle your sewer and water lines properly.

What causes sewers to need repair?

  • Separation at joints
  • Root intrusion (when plant roots enter your pipes)
  • Deterioration of old pipe material such as clay
  • Breakage or cracks caused by freezing and ground movement
  • Corrosion of metal pipes

 New Construction Plumbing. What’s expensive and exhausting is needed repairs on your newly constructed property. We assemble our plumbing systems with the utmost care and precision to ensure they will last and withstand needing repairs.

 Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement. If your Bardstown home has clay pipes, then your sewer lines are prone to crack and might already be leaking into the ground. Repairs to these pipes can be expensive, for this reason, MSD(Metropolitan Sewer District) has introduced the Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program, read more about it here.

 Sewer Cleaning/Replacement. You’ll start noticing frequent backups and distinct sewage smell. At Dauenhauer, we will come out and replace your sewer, or if we can, clean out any blockages that are causing the issues.

 Sewer Leakage Signs

  • Foul odors
  • Water stains
  • Standing water in tubs, showers
  • Slow drainage throughout the home
  • Wet areas on your property
  • Backup or overflow in fixtures

 Broken Pipes. Pipes can break, and if you’ve noticed your water bill is higher than it should be, then your pipes might be leaking. You might even have clay pipes if they built your home before 1980, and clay pipes are more prone to cracks. If your pipes, faucets, or plumbing fixtures are leaking, our Bardstown plumbers who can get to your location and quickly fix it.

“A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source.”

Arthur Baer

Leaks are no joke, and the longer you wait for, the more money you spend with every drip so give us a call ASAP.

Plumbing Modifications. Thanks to MSD(Metropolitan Sewer District), we offer two kinds of plumbing modifications.

  • Basement Backflow Protection

          Supports those who have suffered from basement flooding or are in an area that is prone to basement floods.

  • Sump Pump/ Downspout Disconnection

          For residents who have an improper connection to the sewer line.

Shut Off Valve Repair. Shut off valves are great because you don’t have to cut off the water to the whole house. If you notice these valves are leaking, then you’ll need a professional to come out and repair the valve.

Think you can DIY any of these services? Regardless of how many YouTube videos you’ve watched each of these services requires an expert. If you’ve never painted you can’t expect to paint like Bob Ross, so leave the pipes to professionals. Letting an expert handle your pipes is for your safety and the comfort of your wallet if you make a mistake that ends up costing way more than the original project would have.

Drain Cleaning. Various junk can clog up a drain such as hair, toothpaste, and food. Some clogs can’t be cleared quickly with store-bought stuff and require an extra kick. That’s where our foot comes in. We’ve seen it all, each clog is unique and depends on the person so we’re ready to clean out any clog you may have.

Sump Pumps. Have a basement, and you’re worried about flooding? Then a sump pump can support you so that in case flooding occurs in your basement you’ll be ready. A sump pump will activate in the case of flooding and pump any excess water into a drainage system nearby. Sump pumps are available as submersible or pedestal units. They are typically hard-wired into your home’s electrical system, although some units also have a battery backup.

Faucet Repair. A faucet that drips three times per minute wastes more than 12 gallons of water per month, or almost 160 gallons a year. Save yourself a lot of money and let us fix that leak and prevent future ones from happening. Also, it’s annoying to hear regularly. 

Plumbing Fixtures/Remodel. Our licensed plumbers only stock the most reliable plumbing fixtures. You may be looking for replacements or just remodeling your bathroom, regardless you’ll want to go for a fixture that lasts.

Some of the 13 brands

  • American Standard
  • Aker
  • Kraftmaid
  • Moen
  • Kohler
  • Mansfield
  • Plus Many More

 Gas Line Repair. Repairing your gas line is definitely not a DYI project you should look up on YouTube. Gas line repair is a serious project and requires a professional. Many factors can result in gas leaks, such as poor installation, age, and pressure, or inadequately durable pipe.

 Toilet Repair. If your toilet is clogged, running, leaking, then you’ll need an expert to come in and remedy the issue. A clogged or leaking toilet can quickly turn in to a mess, and a running toilet can waste loads of money. 

Who Provides the Services?

A Dauenhauer plumbing expert will handle all these services. Our plumbing experts are trained in customer service and are ready to handle your plumbing needs. Some of the things that make our employees great are:

  • Their friendly attitudes
  • Highly skilled
  • Has passed extensive background checks and regular drug testing
  • Prepared for your problem or project
  • Licensed and neatly uniformed
  • Your tech will keep the place clean and wear shoe covers

From small leaks to giant remodeling projects, we at Dauenhauer have your backs. We will protect you from leaks and prevent future ones. We have the experience, the resources, and the power to take on any project you need. We won’t push you into something you don’t want, and we will always strive to do our best for you.

The Dauenhauer Difference

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Bob Lofton was prompt friendly knowledgeable and honest.

He gave me a very fair estimate compared to your competition. I have already called back for Bob's help with another issue and will use him whenever the need arises. I have already shared his name and Dauenhauer plumbing with family and friends.


Your plumber in this particular job did a fantastic job.

He did a job for us a few months ago and did fantastic then as well. We use your service solely because of him.

Samuel & Trina Johnson

Matt was great.

He was so caring and informative. He was neat and cleaned up after installing the new toilet.


I liked my plumber Tim.

I felt like he explained my repair options and gave me an honest reasonable price. I would recommend Dauenhauer plumbing to my friends and family.

Crystal Fisher

Dependability. Quality. Professionalism.

Cotton the plumber who came out was a true professional. Long time in the business. I appreciate his attention to detail and value plus service.