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Why would you need to re-pipe your home?

Rarely has anyone ever woke up one morning and decided to re-pipe their home.

This is not a decision that happens offhandedly. But, if and when you do decide to take this project on, be sure to use professionals who have a history of re-piping and not just plumbing. Oh, and the benefits – yes, there are some pretty tasty benefits to re-piping your home. For starters:

Cleaner Water

If you have older, corroded pipes, you’re probably not too excited at the idea of drinking your water. But just wait. After you re-pipe your home, you’ll be impressed by he fact that you can turn on your tap and feel safe enough to even give your child a drink of water.

Better Water Pressure

If you can’t take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time because of broken or corroded pipes, new pipes are going to make your shower feel like a massage.

More Hot Water

Since you have better water pressure, you’ll also be able to fill your water heater faster than you could with the old pipes. That means you can take a shower, wash the dishes, and even do laundry all within a matter of a couple of hours instead of taking all day long!

Cheaper Drinking Water

Say goodbye to all of those plastic bottles of water. There’s really no need anymore for them now that you can actually drink your own water!

Improve Your Home Value

Re-piping your home will actually increase your home’s value. No, it’s not a visible home upgrade like having new kitchen cabinets installed, but it is one that buyers will appreciate. In fact, it’s considered an investment if you’re considering selling, as it shows that you care about the house and are willing to make sure it remains in good condition.


If you have any other questions about re-piping your home, don’t give it another thought. Just call your local Louisville or Lexington Dauenhauer, any hour.


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