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Sewer / Water Installation and Repair

Quality Work From Licensed Pros

For commercial building or renovation, choose Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air to install or repair your water and sewer lines.

We will protect and build your business the same way we protect our own.
Our licensed, experienced plumbers will save money on your commercial building project in the long run, because we do it right the first time. Don’t end up paying the real “low bidder” price that often includes rework and project delays because the water lines or sewer lines weren’t installed correctly.

Whether your commercial installation or repair project is a single commercial building, or an entire office park or subdivision, you can trust Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air. We offer quality workmanship, a dedication to integrity, and the best quality materials that fit the capacity, local building code, and budgetary requirements of the job at hand.

For commercial plumbing in Louisville or Lexington, choose Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air to install your water and sewer lines. We will dedicate whatever resources are appropriate to handle the job, and if anything unexpected occurs during the installation, we can have additional staff on site to handle it quickly and efficiently.

Our skilled Louisville and Lexington plumbers can handle any commercial water or sewer installation job in a timely, efficient manner, making your project completion smoother and your tenants or customers more satisfied with the end result.

Similarly, if you need commercial water/sewer line repair, call Dauenhauer. Our repairs feature the same quality workmanship as our installation work.

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