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Plumbing, pets and air filters. Oh my!

Plumbing, pets and air filters. Oh my! Maintain air filters Cleaning or replacing air filters on a regular basis is important, even more so when you have pets. It’s best to change filters once a month, especially if you have multiple animals in your home. Filters tend...

HVAC Myths Debunked!

You’ve heard the ghost stories. You know the urban legends. Now it’s time to find out the truth. Yep, we’re talking about HVAC myths.   MYTH 1 - You only have to change your filter once per year Absolutely not. A dirty filter will greatly reduce the amount of air...

Can indoor plants improve air quality?

Well, no. But yes. It’s complicated. You see plants don’t purify indoor air. At least, not the way that a typical air purifier does, using filtration to remove gross stuff from the air. Research does show that plants have a limited ability to lower concentrations of...

4 signs you really need to call a plumber

There are some plumbing jobs that are pretty easy to tackle. Then there are the other ones. The ones that immediately make you pause, but you inevitably still try to fix anyway. And later regret it. What starts out as a tiny trickle of water underneath your bathroom...

When is it time to replace your furnace?

In every home’s life, someday there will be a time when you have time to bid farewell to a super warm friend – your furnace. Before you start to get sad, let’s talk about how long a traditional furnace lasts. For most common furnaces, anywhere from 15 to 30 years is...

What causes sewage to backup?

The bad news:  backups happen. The good news:  we can help tell you why backups happen, which in turn can help solve the problem. Let’s cover a few possibilities why your sewage is paying a return visit, shall we? It’s a clogJust like your drainpipes, your main sewer...

Why you should get your kitchen drain cleaned

Getting your drains cleaned is just one of those things that is easy to put off. If it’s not broke, why clean it, right? Well, wrong, actually. Your kitchen sink not only is used and abused daily, but it also has the responsibility of trying to handle cooking oils,...

Why would you need to re-pipe your home?

Rarely has anyone ever woke up one morning and decided to re-pipe their home. This is not a decision that happens offhandedly. But, if and when you do decide to take this project on, be sure to use professionals who have a history of re-piping and not just plumbing....

Common pipe issues you don’t want to ignore

Plumbing issues are just one of those things that people love to put off. If it’s not a flood – you can deal with it tomorrow, right?Well, that’s not always the case. If you tackle an issue early, you could save time, money and keep a lot of your stuff from...

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Bob Lofton was prompt friendly knowledgeable and honest.

He gave me a very fair estimate compared to your competition. I have already called back for Bob's help with another issue and will use him whenever the need arises. I have already shared his name and Dauenhauer plumbing with family and friends.


Your plumber in this particular job did a fantastic job.

He did a job for us a few months ago and did fantastic then as well. We use your service solely because of him.

Samuel & Trina Johnson

Matt was great.

He was so caring and informative. He was neat and cleaned up after installing the new toilet.


I liked my plumber Tim.

I felt like he explained my repair options and gave me an honest reasonable price. I would recommend Dauenhauer plumbing to my friends and family.

Crystal Fisher

Dependability. Quality. Professionalism.

Cotton the plumber who came out was a true professional. Long time in the business. I appreciate his attention to detail and value plus service.